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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Stressed out



More money needed for more school things - money which I don't have

Helen x


OK - a little explanation needed
C and D were not happy at their previous school, C suffered alot of niggly bullying and D was not being stretched to his full potential so I decided to move them, a friend, Ant was moving her boys too as she felt the same as me, we decided on a school 8 miles away, in another county, visited said school and then began the process of moving the kiddies. C went to the middle school and absolutely loves it, D went to the Lower School and likes most things about it. the change in school meant new uniforms [not cheap] for both of them, it has also meant that as the schools are better performing schools they offer alot more trips etc for the kiddies. This has meant that in 3 weeks I have paid out £148 to D's school for various bits and for C's school it has been £25 so far but there will be a payment of £390 ish for a trip next year that will need paying soon. Money is beyond tight at the moment, K is actively looking for a better paid job and still doesn't want me to work but it does make juggling the finances a never ending source of entertainment. D has his 9th birthday in a couple of months and Xmas draws ever nearer!

Now I have a headache!!

Helen x

PS I really don't mind paying for the things they need I just wish I could spread the payments out over a longer period or that alot of these payments could be mentioned to parents in July so that we have more time to save for them - don't want to come across as begrudging the kiddies their trips etc.

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