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Friday, 2 September 2011

Last of the Summer Hols

Its the last week of the summer holidays, time to get back to a normal routine, its been a hectic last few days here. K's car is finally fixed, I must admit to having a mini meltdown, well who wouldn't have one after being stuck at the house for several days [he had to borrow my car] with children, grotty weather and nowhere to go without transport!! All credit for fixing the car goes to the very cheap garage we found in Blet...... nice guys who charge very cheaply for their labour and who have so far done a good job.

C came second place in a competition - colouring in a picture, comp was at a CS, she won a make up set, blusher is now adorning the sofa!!!

C and D have spent their time arguing this afternoon, it ended up in fisticuffs!! Such a shame as we spent a lovely morning at an Activity Pool - slides, bubbles, waves etc.

Tomorrow C, Mum and me are off to see "Cowboys and Aliens" at the pictures, C doesn't want to see the film but as we are taking T [Nephew] with us and he's nearly 17 we have to see a picture that will suit all, hopefully she will enjoy it. D is escaping to a friends birthday party.

I struggle to write a passage that flows, I start to write something and then another thought pops into my head and I need to put it down. I'm hoping that as time goes on I'll blog daily and then the sequence will flow with more harmony.

C is struggling with emotions at the mo, I think its hormonal, she's feeling angry but has no place to put the anger and doesn't know why she feels angry, some of it could be because Grandad died in Feb of this year and she misses him terribly, she often cries over him and wants him back - what do you say to that, its so upsetting but I'm a strong believer in saying it as it is [not hurtfully] but she has to realise that wishing him back isn't going to make it so. She is also pushing the boundaries with regards to how "mouthy" she can be before she lands herself in bother, let me tell you its not far!! I can't abide children who think they know it all including my own and I stand no nonsense. Maybe more girlie time is needed but its a struggle when K is working and D demands time too, how do you split yourself in 2???

Well that's it for tonight, off to bed now, this secret blogging is having to be done when all are in bed, K doesn't know, he doesn't understand blogging and if the children knew they would constantly pester to see what I've written and there is no way I want them to see it.

Helen x


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