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Monday, 12 September 2011

Charity Shopping and Blogging Daily

Today, as K was on a day off we decided to have a walk round the Charity Shops at NP. We were after a square frame for a card I'd bought when we were in St Ives in June and also a tile stand for .... yep, you guessed it, a tile, again bought in St Ives. I love browsing round the Charity Shops. I rarely buy anything, not because I don't want to, but because of the silly prices they charge. £4 or £5 for a t-shirt - the same price as BHS!! They have priced themselves out of the game for me but that doesn't stop me wandering round them. Anyway, we found a frame but forgot to look for the tile stand, so that means another visit on another day. When we came home K made a mount for the frame and out the picture in and I have put it on the wall to the right of the computer in the Kitchen but tomorrow it will be moved to the wall on the left as that's the way I generally face and I want to gaze on it and remember the first holiday we took as a family, at St Ives and how good it was, and it really was quite possibly the best holiday I've ever had.

I've also, after reading another blog [which I can't remember the name of now - sorry] decided to blog on a more regular basis. What is the point of trying to record our lives for the children to read in the future if I don't blog about it! Tomorrow will be the first of many blogs about the children and what they have done aswell as my own ramblings and talking of ramblings, thats enough for 1 night as its bedtime

Helen x

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