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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Back to School

Can you hear that. . . . .  its the sound of peace. No arguing, TV, games consoles or whinging.

4 weeks is a perfect amount of time for a summer holiday in this house, week 5 produces whinging, week 6 produces all out war between C and D and I have to admit to being completely fed up with the lack of routine by then. Before the children went to school there was daily routine, as soon as they started school there was term time routine and none during the hols - my fault, but its something I struggle with and the children struggle with being able to entertain themselves - can't let them out on their own, you don't know who's about, and there are no parks nearby for me to let them go to by themselves. C is allowed to go to the local shop on her own [often for bread or milk] but thats as far as she can go. D can't go anywhere yet - I can't trust him to go there and back without detouring around Great Britain!

My routine consists of housework in the morning and then the afternoon is my free time and yes I do know how lucky I am. My free time usually consists of me scouring the internet for bargains or discounts for things/places to go or reading other blogs.

When the children get home from school my time is theirs if they so wish.

Time for a coffee, ciggie and then to hear about how the first day back at school went

See you later

Helen x

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