Allotment Diary

Friday, 19 October 2012

As busy as a busy thing

What a week its been, K has had Kidney stones so has been poorly, D is really tired from hard work at school and C has been doing all manners of things at school.

K = he didn't drink enough water for a couple of days and that results in Kidney Stones - they were bad this time, very bad and he was in a lot of pain, they went, eventually and it took him a couple of days to get over it but he's ok now.

D = D has been working very hard at school, the school sets work that is above National Curriculum Levels and its showing, poor lad, he's in the top set for Maths, Reading, English and Spelling, he has to work very hard, half term is a week late this year so instead of finishing school today and having a week off he's still got another week to go!

C = We are busy looking at other schools for C as she finishes her current school in July and has to move on somewhere else for year 9. The schools we have looked at [with 2 exceptions] have been out of this world but and its a big but we won't get in as there are waiting lists 2 years long and she will be bottom of the list as we are out of catchment area so we are looking at the local Secondary School on Monday morning. Its not the best school but as its the only one she will get into it'll have to do. The other schools were newish and it shows in comparison to the local one, they all have lovely white, spacious rooms, up to date technology, fantastic libraries etc and the local one doesn't really compete with them. Its so unfair that a good school for your children comes down to where you live and not about who you are or what you could achieve given the chance.

I've bought myself a new book - Stitch by Stitch as recommended by Jo on her blog [hope that link works] I bought it from the Book People for £3.99 [free delivery code XMAS262 - runs out soon] Brilliant book for people like me who want to do crafty things but need step by step instructions because I'm a late starter to all this crafting malarkey lol. Its my favourite book at the moment and I'm loving reading it again and again, I'll try several projects from it :]]

Tomorrow is Saturday and the day will be spent with D at home as he's too tired to go to his Dads where C will be, K is working on a late shift, my days plan is to do some housework, washing and ironing as on Sunday we have to go to a Football Match - C has homework that involves her watching a match and writing a report on it, oh the things we have to do for our children lol

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Library visits

I'm still working on the draft post about the summer hols!

We can't do much with the children that involves spending money at the moment, Xmas is coming don't ya know! D's birthday is also just over a month away, anyway we need a cheap, no cost activity to while away some time once a week or so - I hear the Library calling.

We visited a week ago, there is one at Wol... that is open till 7 in the eve [the one at the City isn't open late night and you have to pay for parking there humph] Off we go for a visit, its a very small library but it does us. I've loaned Nigellas cook books, just for a nose really, a couple of craft books from whom I have copied instructions for a couple of projects, very simple ones but I like to have the instructions written down rather than guess and make it up as I go along, and I've loaned a couple of reading books. K has loaned Art books, C has loaned reading books and D has even loaned books - Star Wars and Doctor Who. One member of staff is quite officious but the other lady is lovely. I don't remember visiting a Library as a child, maybe they were too far away [Mum didn't have a car and Dad was away working]. K and I have also loaned Audio CD's, I love them, pop them on when in the kitchen or the car and away I listen. K listens to them to help him relax, something he's not very good at and something I'm a master at lol.

We'll be back at the Library next Tuesday as I've read one book and used the craft book for what I wanted and Nigellas recipes whilst lovely don't fit into our budget for food!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Blogging for bloggings sake

I took the summer off from blogging - why - well because I fully intended not to blog anymore, I was getting in a pickle over what I should blog about and when and how often and blah, blah, blah. What I'd forgotten was - I'm not an everyday blogger, I need to remember why I'm blogging and posting every so often is OK cos I'm doing this for me not for bloggers sake!

So. . . . . . . I'm back to blogging - I've missed detailing whats going on here, need to do a round up of the summer - new plot at the Lottie, summer hols, new school for D, D's 1st girlfriend [he's nearly 10 I'll have you know] catch up with the quilt, post about Xmas, lack of money, K's job and the list goes on.

I'll draft a post over the next few days and then when I like it I'll post it

Feels good to blog without the self imposed stress - what a dolt I am

Helen x