Allotment Diary

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Library visits

I'm still working on the draft post about the summer hols!

We can't do much with the children that involves spending money at the moment, Xmas is coming don't ya know! D's birthday is also just over a month away, anyway we need a cheap, no cost activity to while away some time once a week or so - I hear the Library calling.

We visited a week ago, there is one at Wol... that is open till 7 in the eve [the one at the City isn't open late night and you have to pay for parking there humph] Off we go for a visit, its a very small library but it does us. I've loaned Nigellas cook books, just for a nose really, a couple of craft books from whom I have copied instructions for a couple of projects, very simple ones but I like to have the instructions written down rather than guess and make it up as I go along, and I've loaned a couple of reading books. K has loaned Art books, C has loaned reading books and D has even loaned books - Star Wars and Doctor Who. One member of staff is quite officious but the other lady is lovely. I don't remember visiting a Library as a child, maybe they were too far away [Mum didn't have a car and Dad was away working]. K and I have also loaned Audio CD's, I love them, pop them on when in the kitchen or the car and away I listen. K listens to them to help him relax, something he's not very good at and something I'm a master at lol.

We'll be back at the Library next Tuesday as I've read one book and used the craft book for what I wanted and Nigellas recipes whilst lovely don't fit into our budget for food!


  1. Welcome back. There's so many libraries facing closure at the moment, so I say use them of lose them. We're lucky here, our library has recently had a makeover and is really up to date.

  2. Would you drop me an email with your email address please, Helen. My email address in on my blog. Thanks.