Allotment Diary

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Bank Holiday Weekend

Sunday afternoon here and D and I are bored silly!! K is at work, long shift yesterday, long shift today and a shift tomorrow so Bank Holidays don't mean family time here. C is at her Dads and D was there too yesterday. We are very short of money at the moment, K's car is broke so he's using mine and D wants me to play Pool on the small Pool Table - how exciting is that!! I'm rambling so I'm off to play Pool and then do a more organised post later - so much to say but it needs to be in order to make sense

Helen x

Friday, 26 August 2011

Leaving Comments

I wish, I wish, I wish I knew . . . . . .  how to leave a comment on other blogs!!!!

Everytime I try I can't Grrrrrrrr

I am asked to sign in, I do, I can't

Oh to be allowed into the secret world of comments

Helen x

PS Huge big Thank You to Liz for pointing me in the right direction, I think I've got it sorted, well, I hope I have.
I've been playing around and found out how to add the Blogs that I follow - see the bottom of the page, more will follow!!!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

11 year old girls - need I say more!!

Attitude, scorn, a complete lack of respect and more

Home truths are hard to take at that age, hard to give too, but sometimes needed to be said and listened to.

May this evening bring peace and unity

If not I'm leaving home stomp, stomp

Helen x

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Weekend Tales


Well its Sunday night and all is well. C went to her Dad's yesterday and is staying until Monday eve and D went for the day today. Yesterday was spent doing not alot!! We really wasted the day!! D spent some time on his Wii [too much time really] K and I spent the day talking over his decision to give up his Senior role at work. He can revert back to a role he was doing, this means a pay cut but the plus side is that his time is his own once his working day is finished, at the moment he is covering for his boss who is on holiday which means that K is on call 24/7 and there have been alot of calls this weekend and even a visit back to work. This causes alot of personal stress for K as he gets no monetary compensation and more importantly no thanks. Isn't it a shame that in this day and age our work forces work longer, harder and for less money and receive no small words of thanks. K is a very hard worker and takes alot of pride in his role as a Support Worker in the Care Industry. I know he is of value - surely a little recognition is not too much to ask for, well, apparently it is!!
Today has seen K and I spend time together - this is time that we both treasure and aim to get the most from. We have very simple needs and wants in our life together. We visited the Allotment for about an hour and again spent the rest of our time together talking and laughing and boy do we laugh. Tomorrow will see us with D doing D things and hopefully some housework - why do I always struggle with the housework in the school hols, is it because its holiday time lol

Thank you for reading this and I hope one day to be able to work out how to put pictures on here, don't hold your breath for that though.

Helen x

Thursday, 18 August 2011

I'm so new to this

Afternoon and welcome to my world.

I've never blogged before and have no idea what I'm doing but I hope to keep this up, more as an online diary for my children to be able to look back at.

As a first post this will be short and simple as I'm also learning how to set up my blog so if you are unlucky enough to be reading this then please stay with me

Thank you

Love Helen x