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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Wednesday update, Blogging

How on earth did I think I would be able to find time to Blog more often - I haven't got enough hours in the day to do the regular stuff let alone extras

D has been picked to do the footie club at school so he went off today very excited at the thought of wearing his new gear [tracksuit and boots] and really enjoyed himself. I've severely neglected teaching him to do up his laces so this morning there was a frantic 5 min session, he got the idea of it very quickly and managed to do it but needs more practice. D has also decided he wants to do cookery after school once a week [after school club for 8 weeks] so his letter was duly signed and returned and now I just have to find the £10 to pay for it.

C has had yet another good day at school, she is like a different child when she comes out at the end of her day, she is happy and smiley and full of talk about what she has done, its lovely to see and also heart braking - why - cos I let her be so miserable in that flippin school she used to go to for so long!! I'm so very annoyed with myself.

Went to MrA yesterday to do a top up shop - £68 later - shock, horror. We only went in for a few bits.

I've spent today washing, drying and doing the never ending ironing, 1 more load to wash and dry but still loads to iron

Had to buy a new iron as the other one packed in, what a difference a new iron makes, its so much lighter and quicker

K is on a late today and due home soon so I'm signing off now

Please do leave a comment if you drop by

Love Helen x

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