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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Wasting Time

Why is it that at the end of the day I can look back at what I've done and think that I've wasted the day doing nothing! I'll make a note to myself to remember this tomorrow and then I'll forget all about my wasted time of today and waste tomorrows time. Time - its such a precious thing and yet I waste it. Maybe by posting this I'll remember tomorrow. I end up with so much to do in the house that its overwhelming and I don't know where to start. I belong to many forums, all of them are about keeping tidy, housework and so on and there are lovely people on these sites so I spend my day reading about their efforts and therein lies the problem me thinks so, tomorrow no computer until my tasks are done.
K is day off tomorrow so a visit to the Lottie is scheduled but the weather is set to be bad so maybe not. K having a weekday off is another reason for my sheer laziness, it seems so wrong to do the housework when we could be spending precious time together when the children are at school.

School - why is it schools think that they can arrange a club to start next week and that you will have all the kit for it!! D's school are starting a lunchtime footie club, he needs boots, shin pads and a tracksuit - none of which he has so we've had a rather large unexpected bill to pay for that lot. He better get picked for it, if not then the stuff will be sent back for a refund but I'll have to pay the postage costs for its return so either way I'm out of pocket. This is something that could of been planned in July and then the cost could of been spread out but I suppose that's 1 of the downsides of sending D and C to a better school in a well off area. K is so good - he never moans about the costs involved and he's always the first to say - Get It Woman, they need it.

On Friday K is off to Hemsby [nr Gr Yarmouth] for a week with 2 of the residents from where he works, myself and the children are also going as there needs to be 2 adults with the residents and as I am still on the payroll for there [even though its been months since I worked there] I've been asked to help out, taking the children is no problem so we're off for a weekend away. C and D are excited about it but K and I know how much hard work it will be and we'll earn every penny of our wages. 1 f the residents likes to wander off when given the chance so its eyes in back of heads time, the other resident going is very laid back and is really happy to be going away with us all as its the first family holiday he's ever had.

Well its bath time for D - who's complaining of stomach ache but managing to play basketball in the garden, kids eh!!

Love Helen x

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