Allotment Diary

Saturday, 21 January 2012

4 Months later . . .

Well here I am 4 months after my last post.

I felt after my last post in September that blogging wasn't for me,why not? Because all I was doing was concentrating on the negative stuff that was happening in my life instead of the positive and that wasn't what I wanted from my own blog. I looked around at lots of other blogs and decided that I still wanted to write about my everyday life but I wanted a record of the good things that have happened so I'm starting again.

Today C and D went to their Dads for the day. K and I have had a lovely, lovely day. We tidied up the back garden and then went to the Lottie and carried out a few little jobs there. We both feel that once we get over there we don't want to leave. The air seems cleaner and we get back in touch with the earth. We have great plans for the veg we are going to grow this year and I'll be writing about that a lot. We came home and spent time together, reconnecting, talking, laughing and having a lovely time.

K is making Game Pie for our tea, C and D are home again so the TV is on!! We'll eat once they are in bed, I've moved a lamp into the DR and will light some candles so we can have a romantic meal.

Our life at the moment is full and that's what I want to share, not the petty squabbles the children have or how lack of money prevents us from doing things because we get so much enjoyment from doing things that don't cost money [or not a lot]

I hope you will enjoy the new style I want to go forward with.

H x

Just testing  . . . .  hoping a picture of Toby is displayed - our lovely, silly dog!