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Sunday, 29 January 2012

How hard is crochet???

I'm beginning to think I can't count! Mum at mumssimplyliving blog has a fantastic tutorial on how to crochet - can I do it, can I heck!! Those of you that crochet say how easy it is, though of us that can't crochet say how hard it is lol. I'm now loosing count of stitches [there's only 3] so I'm packing it in for the night and having another go tomorrow.

Today I didn't wake up till 9.40am - unheard of, even better was D not waking up till 10am - double unheard of

Washing, drying and ironing have been the order of things here today, not exciting but it was too cold to venture out, C went to see her Dad and then had a birthday party to go to and D stayed at home and played Wii and was thrashed again by me at Pool - poor lad hehe

K is on a late shift today
K is on a double shift tomorrow

Right - off to gather tea together

Frugality is the key word here as we don't get paid till Tuesday [2 days to go] and we have £14 in the bank and K needs petrol. Frugality is the key word for Feb too as we have overspent on nothing this month so I'm trying to reign it in a bit - Ebay is earning its keep for the next few months so that we have petrol money for August when we go on hols

Hope you all had a nice weekend

H x

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