Allotment Diary

Friday, 13 July 2012

New Job, Sports Day, Big Performance


K has just finished his last day at his job and starts a new one on Monday, he will be a Practitioner [posh name for Support Worker] for a large well established company that provide care homes and happy lives for people with Special Needs. He's leaving a job where he is a Senior Support Worker and taking a job title drop but will be paid £400 more a year, not much of a rise but at the moment EVERY penny counts. When he gets overtime he will get it at a slightly higher rate than his old job, he gets more holiday a year, better rota, nearer to home, better company to work for and no out of hours hassle. He's the type of man that you would want looking after your child who has Special Needs and like so many who work in the Care Industry he feels that he is underpaid for the role he does. What kind of a system lets Office Workers [I've nothing against any Office Workers - I was one] be paid FAR more than someone who is qualified and helps in a team to look after some of most vulnerable members of society with grace, compassion and above all gives the residents of the homes a far better quality of life than some believe they should have.

Sports Day - it was D's last Sports Day at his current school, he moves now to the bigger school. His team came 2nd overall and D was picked to accept the cup on behalf of his team, special moments!

Big Performance - C was part of a group of children who have been working at putting on a "Big Performance" for the rest of the school and parents. C sang a solo part, her song was Rolling In The Deep by Adele, special moments!

We may have absolutely no money at the moment and not know how we are going to get new uniform for school but who cares, we have special moments to remember.

Helen x


  1. Well Done to all 3 of them, as you say some great memories and hopefully more enjoyment yet to come.

    Arwedd xx

  2. Congratulations to K on his new job, it sounds much better than his old one all round. I know exactly what you mean about the difference in pay which jobs attract, health care workers deserve their weight in gold. Well done to D and C, it sounds like some very proud mummy moments there.