Allotment Diary

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Cornwall 2012 Part 3, Wedding Anniversary

Final part of the holiday

 Hartland Point - we watched 3 seals playing in the sea
 Hartland Point Lighthouse - not open to the public but from the view point you can see a shipwreck!!
 Hartland Quay - it was lovely here
 K and D adventuring
K and D sitting on top of the hill

 Eden Domes

 Eden Allotment
 All the food in the Cafe was made on site and in front of you

K and I could of spent days wandering around but unfortunately the weather was against us and D had a Migraine after spending some time in the Rainforest Biodome. It would of cost us £65 to go in but we paid £23 - clubcard vouchers and a BOGOF offer!!

I have ALOT more photos lol

Today is our 3rd Wedding Anniversary, we have no money [and that's not a complaint] so we are staying in tonight and K is cooking a nice tea for us, Mum brought over a big bouquet of flowers from her and the children, very pretty. K and I have not sent cards or bought pressies, there's just no need to, money could be spent more effectively elsewhere and we need no proof of our love.


  1. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. We don't usually celebrate either, apart from sending each other cards. How lovely to see seals in the sea. I've never been to Hartland Point, I shall put it on my list of places to visit whilst we're in Cornwall.

    1. It was £2 for the car park and then a little walk up to the view point, Hartland Quay was £2 for the car park - lots of walking there and rock pooling. Having a good day so far :]]]]