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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Cheap Carpet

Cornwall Part 3 2012 will follow on tomorrow

Yesterday K had his day off, he took the children into school and on the way he heard on the Radio that a local carpet shop was closing down as their lease had run out and wasn't being renewed, carpet was being sold off cheaper! Now our bedroom hasn't had a carpet for over 18 months, its had floorboards and a disgusting rug that Toby [dog] has used as his bed. I can't even begin to describe how much I've hated it but, knowing how expensive carpet is I've not complained [only twice]. We had no carpet because we had a new boiler installed, the Surveyor told us the new pipework would have to go under our bedroom floorboards - we had laminate flooring in our room and it didn't come up so it could be re-used. When the boiler fitters came they told us it didn't need to be like that!! We were compensated but unfortunately we had to use the money on our cars as they both failed their MOT's miserably and needed quite alot spent on them and we have to have 2 cars as the children's schools are 8 miles away and K works shifts. I have detested the bedroom with a passion ever since but yesterday that all changed lol. We went to have a look at the cheap carpets and came away with one that was 5m x 4m for £42. We needed no underlay as we already had old carpet tiles we used instead. The bedroom was gutted, the cobweb bunnies dispatched and the new carpet laid. Now we have a lovely carpet and a bedroom that I love again.

Helen x


  1. What a bargain, I bet it looks fabulous. Such a shame that you had to pull up your laminate flooring, but I have to say that I do prefer carpet anyway.

    1. I never thought I would love the carpet as much as I do - I almost want to lay on the floor and hug it lol. I really liked the laminate flooring but a cheap bit of carpet beats it hands down :]]

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