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Monday, 2 July 2012

Cornwall 2012

After trying all afternoon yesterday to get this post to show I've decided to split it into 3 or 4 posts over the next few days, Blogger kept crashing the computer!!!

We stayed at Bude in a caravan, the site was almost empty, times are hard and it must be affecting the way of life for many who depend on nice weather and tourists!
We were very lucky with the weather - we didn't have blazing sunshine but nor did we have lots of reain apart from one day, C and D were in the sea 3 times and they went to the swimming pool on the site on one day. Our first caravan site was at Bude nd the 2nd was at Widemouth Bay [again, very quiet site] The beach at Widemouth Bay was nice, bay shaped lol, sandy but windy, that didn't stop C and D from enjoying it, K and I wore jackets, jumpers etc, we looked old sitting there all wrapped up whilst the children played in their swimming cossies hehe.

We visited lots of places - Polperro, Port Isaac, Hartland Quay, Hartland Point, Tintagel, Eden, Holsworthy, Trago Mills, Boscastle, Watchet and Watersmeet. K did all the driving whilst I was the Navigator, a system that works well for us.

Photos of Polperro Harbour and then looking from the Harbour out to Sea, we loved it here, it was very pretty, just how a village beside the Sea should look

Boscastle, do you remenber when this little village was pratically wiped out from the floods, I visited it not long after the floods and saw the rebuilding that was going on, this time the building work was all finished and everywhere looked like it had always been there. There was evidence of the floods - pointers to show where the flood water reached, see the low roof on the left - it reached that! We had a nice visit there, it was sunny, warm and ice creams were eaten.

Tintagel - so dramatic, we didn't pay to go and walk around the ruins, we don't do that, we go off adventuring by ourselves and where WE want to go to. Top photo - Merlins Cave, D is just about to go in, K is already in there, exploring. Middle photo - my 3 admiring the waterfall andsaying hello to me. Last photo - taken by me, I'd decided to do a little adventuring myself, rock climbing was done in order to get here, boy was I puffed out but I was the only one on the little bay, it was quite magical there.

Right, fingers crossed, I'm about to click on "post"
Tomorrow - more photos and how much the holiday cost us

Helen x


  1. Fab photos. We're off to Cornwall very soon - 6 nights camping followed by a week in a cottage. I'd be happy with weather like you had - I'm just hoping it doesn't rain too much while we're camping.

  2. Scarlet - I hope the weather is kind to you, after all your hard work you deserve a nice holiday
    Helen :]

  3. so glad you enjoyed cornwall - next time, send me an email and come for lunch xx froogs

    1. Frugal Queen - thank you for the invite. I love Cornwall and feel very at home there, particularly when visiting the coastal areas, not the sandy beaches though! I like the rugged parts and love the Moors. We drove through Liskeard and I thought of you

      Helen :]]

  4. I'm getting excited about my forthcoming holiday after reading your post. I love Boscastle, a place we always visit for a stroll.

    1. And a little Honeycomb and caramel ice cream, D and I loved them and they were really nice from here lol