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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Cornwall 2012 part 2

The total cost of the 2 caravans was £162 for 7 nights, not bad for a weeks holiday in June at Cornwall :]]  We booked a 3 night stay through Breakfree Holidays [from The Sunday Post Newspaper] and a 4 night stay through The Sun Newspaper. I didn't have to buy the newspaper's as I got the codes to book the stays from on a forum. This site has saved us £100's and I mean that literally. I go on there for all sorts of money saving tips, vouchers, ideas etc and I check it daily [at least hehe]

D having fun at Widemouth Bay - he's trying to build a wall of sand to stop the tide coming in - I've never said this to him but I used to try and do the same when I was young lol. The blip in the sea directly behind him is C, she's wave jumping.

Top photo is Port Isaac Harbour, this is where Doc Marting is filmed, the bottom photo shows Doc Martin's Surgery, we also saw his girlfriends little house, no-one was filming when we were there which is just as well as we had a right "performance" when we were there. We parked up and walked into the village, its very pretty but the little shops were very expensive - too much for our limited income, anyhoo, away back to the car park we went, K D and C paid a visit to the loo and I unlocked the car, or at least I tried to, instead, I managed to break the car key - eeekkk!!! It snapped in half OMG. The spare was at home. What to Do? We are with the RAC, thank goodness [a perk with my Bank] We decided I would phone Mum and get her to overnight the key to the caravan sight - getting a phone signal was interesting, I was the nutty lady walking around holding my phone skywards trying to get a signal, managed it eventually, phoned Mum and got her organised, then I lost signal completely, meanwhile K and D went and spoke to some nearby lovely builders who lent him some pliers to see if we could at least turn the stub of the key in the car door and get it open and then get the stub out - K managed that with no problem, my hero. He then tried key and pliers in the ignition, oh no, "Immobiliser Error" flashes up on the dashboard screen. OMG what now!!! Off I go to try and phone RAC - no signal but wait, there's a Garage, I go in and speak to the nice man, explain whats happening, tell him we have no money but can he help, No was the answer - its a specialist job and he can't do it - eeekkk!!! again. He let me use his phone to get hold of the RAC who will come out and rescue us, well at least they will take the car to a garage that can help, now panic is setting in - we don't have the money to pay for a new key [£80] and get the on board computer reset. Meanwhile K is at the car fiddling around with the key and the remote control bit it snapped away from. D comes running to me [I'm standing on the car park wall looking out for the RAC] K's got the car started!! Again, my hero! Off I go to the Garage and borrow the phone again to cancel the RAC call. We then hastily went back to the Caravan  lol. If K used the stub of the key and a fork he could open the car, if he put the stub of the key in the ignition and then pushed the door remote thingy on top of the stub the car would start, so for the next 24 hours till the spare key arrived we had a key stub, a remote and a fork glued to us!! Whilst all this was happening C sat on a wall and stuffed her face with her pack up lunch lol. Not in the least bit bothered about it all as long as she had her lunch hehe.

Helen x


  1. Goodness, what an eventful day. I remember losing our car key when we were in the Yorkshire Dales. We were in the middle of nowhere and it was pitch black. We managed to find a phone box and phoned for the AA who hot wired the car so that we could drive it home. It's a good job we didn't get stopped by the police, I don't think they'd have believed the car was our's with the wires hanging out. Your holiday was an absolute bargain, Money Saving Expert is such a great site.

    1. I love MSE and can't praise it enough for the savings we have made and for the financial help too. Keys. . . . . oh the panic feeling - its enough to turn you to drink - or a cup of coffee from the flask!

  2. Heck, what adventures and what luck that you could get the car started. It certainly was a holiday to remember.
    Love from Mum