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Friday, 1 June 2012


Toby our Dog is poorly - don't read on if you don't like dog poo!!

Toby is a cross between an Alsatian and a Border Collie, he's the naughty baby in the house. Everything we do revolves around him. He's 10 years old. I got him when I went to see the litter - he was the runt of the pack and oh my, he was adorable. He's very naughty - can't be let off the lead as he runs away, he pinches any food left lying around [except grapes or jelly]. He snores, he howls in his sleep [he sleeps in our bedroom], he's very protective of me, he barks wildly if anyone knocks at the door, we had to get a post box to go outside for the postmen otherwise he rips the post to shreds and tries to get the postman's hand too!! He hates cats and pigeons, he thinks squirrels are his next meal. Toby sleeps on C's bed during the day - when he's not barking at someone or something.

Toby has an upset tummy, he's making a mess in the garden, he's passing mucus and we think he may have colonitis. I will have to wash the grass tomorrow, how gross is that. He's on a diet of rice and boiled chicken or boiled white fish for the next few days. Its Jubilee weekend and a bank holiday thrown in to boot. Vets on Weds if he's no better.

Poor Toby, K and I are praying he'll get better, not only will we be very upset but C will be completely devastated, she's known him since she was 2 and she loves him. After losing Grandad last year she won't cope with losing Toby too, he's getting old in his ways, even if this tummy upset isn't the end for him we don't think he'll be around all that much longer. My poor Toby.

Helen x

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  1. Hope Toby's better soon, Helen. He sounds like a right character, they are funny things, aren't they? Archie makes me laugh at his antics.