Allotment Diary

Thursday, 14 June 2012


Well that last post was a really miserable post wasn't it lol
I feel heaps better today - even feel in the holiday mood
Clothes packing has been done, food packing and all the "other stuff" packing is being done
I'm getting quite excited now. We've mapped out our route, its about 240 miles and should take about 5hrs. DVD players, PSP etc are on charge to keep the kiddies amused, wellies and sandals, jeans and shorts are packed. I've packed for 2 hols - 1 cold and 1 warm!! I'm living in hope that the predicted rain doesn't happen.

K is bathing Toby - Toby has to be bribed to go upstairs and into the bathroom, and then Toby will stand in the bath and shake.
Homer the Hamster is already at Mums and Toby will go there later once he's dry.
All the plants at the lottie have been watered and lots of weeding has been done.

One more sleep to go and then . . .  we're all going on our summer holiday

Helen x


  1. Exciting. Poor Toby, we used to have a dog when I was a child who hated baths and would shake. Archie isn't bad really, he doesn't particularly like them, but he lets us get on with it. It's about 325 miles from here, I don't mind the drive down but I always hate the drive home again. Have a fantastic time, I can't wait to hear all about it.

  2. Hope you have a fab time. We're off to Cornwall in a few weeks - we have a week in a cottage booked but are probably going to camp for 4 or 5 nights beforehand to make it worth the petrol costs, without bumping up the accommodation costs too much.