Allotment Diary

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Fed Up, weather, migraine

I am completely fed up. I had a migraine yesterday that lasted all day and then this morning I woke up feeling ok but by 10.30 I had another headache and now I've tummy pains, the apcking up for the hols isn't happening, I have ironing and washing to do and if its not raining its overcast and cold.

I can't even describe how fed up I am

Helen :[


  1. Sorry to hear your still feeling unwell. It does get you down when you're not feeling 100%, and this weather doesn't help. I'm sure once you're in Cornwall you'll feel much better. Where abouts are you staying? Is Toby better now?

    1. Thanks Jo, having had a good moan I do feel better lol. We are going to Bude and Toby is alot better, he is on rice and dog food, thank you for asking :]]

      Helen x

  2. Oooh, I can't wait to hear all about your hols when you get back, Helen. We're going to Kilkhampton, just outside Bude in July. We stayed at the same place for a week last year after having a week in Devon, and loved it so much that we're spending the full fortnight there this year. We stayed around the same area three years ago too. Glad to hear that Toby is on the mend.