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Friday, 8 June 2012

Cold/Cough, Half Term Hols, Weather

Arwedd and Jo - thank you for your kind comments
Cold/Cough - I still have the blooming thing - it just won't shift. I'm fed up with it now and I'm starting to feel run down, can't sleep, headaches blah, blah, blah!

Weather - its horrid here, blowing a hooey, raining and cold. I keep having to put the heating on.

Half Term Hols - I had this weeks worth of events all planned out, nice walks through woods, picnics, tent up in the garden for C to hang out in [she loves putting the Tent up and claiming it as hers] but because I feel ill and because of the weather this week has been a struggle. Its Friday now and I can't remember what we did on Monday! I'm sure we did something ????????? Today we are going to the pictures to see Men In Black 3, the children have gift vouchers left over from Xmas that will pay for them to get in and I'll pay for me and Mum to get in. We take sweets and drinks with us, I'm NOT paying the prices that a Cinema charges! ~Yesterday we went up the City Centre, C had her hair cut, D traded in some games and started his pot of savings to go towards a PS3 that he wants [yes, another console] I bought 3lbs of Strawberries for £2, came home and I hulled them all and left them to soak overnight in sugar, ready to be turned into Jam or Sauce today.

And that's it - what a dreadful week.

1 week to go and then we are on holiday, I can't wait.

Oh, oh, forgot to say [how could I forget this] K has a new job!!! He went for his 2nd interview yesterday, he applied for a Support Workers Role at a residential home 5 miles away. He had his 1st interview last week and the 2nd last night, last nights 1 was about meet and greet the residents, he was offered the job straight away, now awaiting his CRB and then he can hand his notice in - neither of us can wait for the moment. The pay is a couple of hundred more and his petrol will be a lot less and the rota is far better and he gets 33 days hols a year - exciting times for him and he really deserves it as he puts up with a lot where he is working now, I'm really pleased for him.

Helen x

PS I have some pictures of rude strawberries - I'll post them later [naughty!]


  1. Hurray, Many Congratulations to K, hip, hip.

    Sorry to hear you've been feeling *ruff*. I'm sure your cough is nothing but don't ignore the Ads on the telly at the moment, get it checked out.

    My boys went to see MIB3 while they were away and enjoyed it. Have Fun.

    Arwedd xx

  2. Sorry to hear you're still under the weather. Mick had a cold all over the bank holiday weekend and it's still ongoing, I don't think this horrible weather's helping. Are the kids off school again so soon? Six weeks for us until the summer holidays. Congratulations to K. It sounds like this job will be better all round.

  3. Thank you ladies, we went to see MIB3, the children really liked it but I thought 1 and 2 were better, we're takng a week off school to go away, it was the only way we could get a holiday, its just far too expensive during term time and we might not get one next year as C will be doing her year 8 SATS. If I still have the cough on Monday I'll go to the Doc's as I don't want to be poorly on holiday. My the wind has picked up - plastic greenhouses have been weighted down with bricks to keep them upright. Have a nice weekend

    Helen x