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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

York Pud Recipe

I'm putting the recipe on here so I don't loose it!!!

Makes 12 mini Puds

70gr Plain Flour
2 Eggs
100 ml Milk

Oil each case on the baling tray - put it in the oven so it gets REALLY hot.
Flour and eggs into a bowl and beat together, add milk and beat until lump free.
Pour into the baking tray

Oven [fan] 210 for 16 mins until risen and brown

Cool - can be frozen for a month

Weather today hs been raining with some very large hail storms

Toms might not have blight as we picked off the infected leaves and the plants are reviving themselves although the cold wind won't help

Just made a Coffee Cake, unfortunately I'm the only one that likes it hey ho I'll have to eat it all - a slice a day me thinks

Helen x


  1. You've given me an idea. I mentioned on your previous post that I buy ready made Yorkshire Puddings most of the time these days. It's just easier when the oven is full when I'm making a roast dinner not to have another tray with Yorkshire Puddings to go in, but I think I might make them in advance and freeze them and then they're all ready. Why haven't I thought of that myself? Do they go back in the oven from frozen?

    1. Hi
      I put them in straight from freezer for a few mins, 4 or 5, but I guess that depends on your oven - they defrost and reheat very quickly

      Helen x