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Friday, 4 May 2012

Cushion, Lottie

Its been raining again lol, its now getting quite funny really, we're still in drought conditions but local rivers have burst their banks the next local town [NP] has been put on flood alert and has suffered some flooding near the river but there is still a hosepipe ban!

I've had to buy some Tomato plants, I don't like doing it but this year I've been unable to get any to set from seed and I do like growing Tomatoes so I gave in and bought some

Cushion - I've managed to do a cushion - patchwork design in mainly Red and Green, its not perfect but then neither am I but I like it. I've caught the bug now and I've just started cutting up more material to make another cushion, this time in Pinks, Greens and Purples. I need to start scouring the charity shops for clothing in colours that I like so I can cut them up - gives me more material for my money, the problem is that the Charity Shops around here are expensive and to go to cheaper ones I have to travel and use petrol!

Tomorrow the children are at their Dads so K and I are going for a walk somewhere - weather permitting hehe. Blows Downs is where I think we're going - Bluebell hunting

I've just bought this months Gardeners World magazine because it has a 2 for 1 booklet in it that allows 1 free adult entry for 1 paying adult. I intend to use it when we go to Cornwall so that we can visit the Eden Project.  K and I have always wanted to go and this will save us £23 on admission - well worth the £3.80 I paid for the mag and it allows this 2 for 1 entry at LOTS of other Gardens throughout the country so we plan to get more use out of it :]

Have a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend and for those of you that have to work I really feel for you - K will be working on Monday and will get no extra pay for it or time off :{

H x


  1. I've just discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading back through your previous posts. I had my tomato plants in the greenhouse, but the conditions were far too cold for them so they're indoors on the windowsill at the moment. They've really perked up since I brought them in. Everything is growing much slower this year due to the cold weather, and I haven't got much planted in the allotment yet. Well done on the cushion cover, half the charm of home made is that it's never perfect. I'm not a sewer, though my thirteen year old daughter enjoys it and has a sewing machine. I'm more of a knitter, and I also taught myself to crochet last year. Anyway, I shall pop back to visit again now that I've found you.

  2. Hi Jo and thanks for stopping and having a read :]

    Tomato plants that we bought have blight!!! So some of them have been binned and fingers crossed on the rest

    H x