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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Birthday, Lottie, Coughs and Colds


On Wednesday it was my 47th birthday - yeah!!

I was given lots of lovely presents. K and I spent the morning and some of the afternoon at the Lottie, planting things, weeding and generally tidying up. We took the camping stove and K made bacon butties whilst we were there - a lovely way to spend a day. We then went to my Mums for Tea. K stayed at home because by this time he was suffering badly from a cold which has now turned into a chest "thing". Poor man is really suffering now - and that's what happens when you give up smoking.

The weather here has turned very hot, I shouldn't complain but its a tad too hot for me - I like Spring and Autumn days and the snow, this heat makes me tired, it zaps my energy.

Today is another Lottie day if K is up for it, we'll see. He's currently snoring on the sofa lol.

I hope that you are all planning something nice to do this weekend and that you are enjoying the sunshine

Helen x 


  1. A belated 'Happy Birthday To You'. I think we'll be going to the plot this afternoon. I'd have liked to have gone this morning while it's a bit cooler but K and A are coming to collect Bold (their cat) as we've been kittysitting this week. I've been up since 6am with him and now he's curled up and gone back to sleep! Carbooting may feature in the weekend's plans too.

  2. Happy belated birthday, Helen. It sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate, bacon butties at the lottie sounds like heaven. It's too hot to do any proper work at the lottie today so I'm hoping to get down there a little later when the heat has gone out of the day, though I might just go in the garden instead, there's lots of tidying up to do out there at the moment.

  3. Thank you ladies :]
    We managed to pop over to the Lottie for hal;f an hour - a kind neighbour had left us 6 Tom plants so I put them in and we watered

    Helen x

  4. Happy belated birthday!