Allotment Diary

Monday, 21 May 2012

My New Shopping Bag

Evening All

I was making a patchwork cushion but I couldn't get the sqaures to line up properly and it looked awful once I ironed on the interfacing stuff. K thought I was making a bag so today I decided to turn it into one :]

Step 1. Getting all the bits together

Step 2. Choosing the back material

Step 3.Making handles

Step 4. Make an inside pocket or two, to cover up the parts that don't line up

Step 5. Making the front

Step 6. Completed

Step 7. Liking the inside better than the out!!

First time I've made a bag. I once told a sewing teacher at school that the skirt I was making looked like a bag, she was very upset by my comments, I think that she thought it was a personal reflection on her teaching but it wasn't, it was all about how rubbish I was at this when I was at school. Now I have more patience and time. I'm pleased with the bag and I'll use it when we go on holiday

Helen x


  1. That's so pretty, and how fab to turn it into a bag! Ingenious!

  2. I think it's lovely, and the fabric is so pretty.

  3. How clever to see its potential and make it into a gorgeous bag!