Allotment Diary

Monday, 14 May 2012

Out for a walk, Yorkshire Puddings

Yesterday late afternoon and the kiddies are starting to get on each others nerves so a long walk was in order. Off we go . . . . .

Start of the walk - lovely and sunny
Playing nicely

 Waiting patiently

 Walking the Labyrinth

 The view

 Top of the Peace Pagoda

 Guess who cheated and who didn't

 Finally - made it to the oak tree in the middle

 Looking up

 Looking around

 Taking a break on the way back

Yorkshire Puddings!!

I've never made York Puds but D loves them so I decided to have a go and I have to say - I was very pleased with the results - 2 have been tested and pass the mark - the rest will be frozen ready for when he wants them.

H x


  1. You had lovely weather for your walk. Your Yorkshire puds look fab. K wants a good recipe but as I never weigh or measure anything when I make mine I haven't been able to help!

  2. It looks like you all had a wonderful time. Yum, those Yorkshire Puddings look fab. I always used to make my own, but I have to admit to cheating most of the time these days and buying Aunt Bessie's (or a similar make).

  3. Great Yorkshires. I'm a Yorkshire lass and they look really good!

    Karen X