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Monday, 2 April 2012

Knitting, Ebay and other bits

Mum at Mums Simply Living Blog is organising a Crochet/Knit a Blanket for people in need - pop over and have a look, the more the merrier as they say. It also gets me back into Knitting as I've neglected it lately.
Ebay - I've confused myself with how much I need to make so to make it simple I need to raise £150 by June and £150 by August. Yesterday I had raised £250 but and its a big but, I now only have £50 as I had to transfer £200 to our account as we both failed our MOT's this week and both cars need welding and tyres, I also had to tax my car - £115 so without any work doing the cost was running at £199 - money we don't have so thank goodness for the Ebay account. Now I need to push for sales again - I really need a Free Listing Weekend but as we've just had two on the run I doubt we'll get another one for a while.

Easter School Hols are here, money is non existent so we're doing everything on the cheap. C is going to stay at Nana J's for 2 nights from tomorrow and D will stay at Nanna's on Wednesday night giving K and I a child free night - the whole night!!  Although funds are zilch we are going to the pictures to see The Woman In Black. K and I hardly ever go out anywhere that costs money, we don't eat out or go to fancy places that cost money just to get in so for once we are making the most of our 1 child free evening so there lol.

One trip out will be to Edgewick Farm and we'll feed the pig and walk through the woods, another trip out will be to Stockgrove Park [providing the weather holds]

C came back on Friday from her trip to France with the school. The cost of the trip was £335 and her Dad paid for it, it was well worth the money as they went to some fantastic places and had a great time.

Well that's it for now - must update the Lottie page now

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