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Thursday, 26 April 2012

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Rain, rain, go away, come back another day!!! Yes I know we are in drought but. . . .  I'm sick of it raining every blooming day!!! I can't do anything at the Lottie and I really need to, the rain is just making it impossible to plant things as it just doesn't let up for long enough.

I have done a Spring Clean in the Living Room, Dining Room , Hall, Stairs and Landing [all given capital letters cos it was a major job] Cobwebs have been vanished, spiders ran for their lives, dust elephants were took outside and made to fly away, the hoover reached parts its never reached before, old shoes were binned and a cupboard found for those left behind. Unfortunately the charity shop will be getting a big delivery from me quite soon [unfortunately for the staff who will have to wade through the piles of tat I'm giving them]

We are in recession - I didn't know we were out of it, food prices creep up all the time as does petrol and they are our 2 biggest outlays. We can't cut back much more on food and nor can we on petrol so heaven only knows where the extra money will come from. Dave and his pals will surely not get in again next time - I didn't vote for them and nor did anyone I know so how come they are there - remember this period next time we get to vote - make sure you use your vote!

Some of the seeds are coming up that are in the plastic greenhouse - please stop raining so I can get them in the ground.

Lucy at Attic24 has been blogging about a beautiful cushion she has bought - its lovely and bright and pretty and oh I so want one but I can't afford to buy one so I'm going to make one. Some time ago a lady gave me a bag of material [from Freecycle] I never properly looked through it but today I did, there are some lovely bits of material in there and lots of different colours so I'm going to have a go at making a patchwork cushion cover. My sewing skills are not that great so I'll see how it turns out before I take a photo of it.

H x

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