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Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Well the weather is rubbish at the mo, its blowing really cold and it keeps raining so I can't do anything at the Lottie, I'm fed up with doing housework

We get our leccy and gas from Eon, we pay £91 a month for both, I've no idea if this is high or not but we're happy with it as we have just had our yearly bill and its spot on for what we are paying.

The seeds in the plastic greenhouses are doing nothing - its too cold - I can see myself having to sew some more [for a 3rd time]

I've just printed off some MOC from the MSE site for some bits from Tesco - every little bit helps!!

I've also just printed off a coupon to visit a National Trust place at the weekend, the coupon admits up to 4 people [2 of whom must be over 16] but, and isn't there always a but, C wants to go to her friends on Sunday, so Sunday is out, C and D are meant to be at their Dads on Saturday but I don't think D will go this week, not a prob but if we go out visiting without C that will cause a prob - I feel a little chat with C coming on this evening, she'll either have to miss out a visit on Saturday to Nat.Trust place or miss out on a friends visit on Sunday - she'll have to choose which one.

Kiddies were back to school yesterday - good for them and good for me lol

Right, I'm away to do something - not sure what but something must be better than nothing right??

Oh, nearly forgot to say, I've sent Fostermummy my squares for the knitted blanket so I'm publicly apologising for them now, I'm sure she won't be able to use them as I'm such a bad knitter but she has my full approval to fling them away if they are no good!!

Hi and welcome to my new follower  :]]]]]

H x

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  1. My seeds have yet to sprout too, fingers crossed they start soon.