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Friday, 27 April 2012

Ebay, cushion, charity shop, holiday, knitting

Ebay - ordered some material, rotary cutter and a cutting mat today
Cushion - ordered the bits above to make it lol
Charity shopping - K and I went to a nearby small town for a wander around, K bought himself some books, I got a some candles and a Nigella Lawson cookbook and there are chocolate cakes in there to die for!
Holiday - The Sun Newspaper has been running a promo for holidays for £15 each person for a 3 night stay so I got the relevant codes from the MSE site and booked 3 nights to coincide with our holiday in June at Bude. We will stay Fri-Mon at 1 caravan site at Bude and then pack up and move a couple of miles to stay at the other caravan site Mon-Fri. The cost of the caravans has been less than £150 and I don't know of anywhere where you can get a caravan for 1 week for that amount in June in Cornwall. K is absolutely made up and so are the kiddies, just need to persuade Mum to have the dog for another 3 nights.
Knitting - I'm making squares for a blanket for the sofa [to cover it] 3 done 300 to go.

It's rained ALL day here - non stop - poured down

H x

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