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Monday, 27 February 2012

Sunday Tea, late night

Yesterday had its good and bad points, we went to tea at Nana's as Auntie J was over for the day, we had a lovely afternoon and evening, came home and C & D eventually went to bed. At 11ish when I went to bed D was crying - he couldn't get to sleep, felt poorly, had earache and had got himself into a right little state. Paracetamol was given to ease his slight temperature and he fell asleep at about 12.45, I'd spent nearly 2 hours sitting on his bedroom floor [space is tiny] and was suffering with a numb bum. This morning I decided not to send him to school and he's full of life whereas I've had a kip!! He thanked me for staying with him - how sweet of a 9 year old boy to think of that and I hope that shows what kind of man he'll grow into.
By contrast C was having a sarky strop as she couldn't find her school locker key this morning and had as always left it till she was leaving to decide to look for it. K was given the full treatment of a nearly 12 years old girl attitude and so off he went to work with the hump - this all amused me as its normally me that gets the attitude, nice to see someone else getting it lol although words will be spoken tonight about it!!

Spring is coming - you can feel it in the air and the nights are drawing out just a little bit, soon be time to start potting seeds - I can't wait

H x

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