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Thursday, 9 February 2012

My 1st follower, weather, ironing and coughing

Hello Hart - thank you for following me :] Hart has a lovely blog about the lovely items she makes, inspiring and creative, lovely, lovely sewing!

Its so cold here, barely rising above freezing. The heating is on all day and most of the evening, snow is forecast for tonight, hopefully there won't be too much although C and D would like lots - they want to go sledging, that'll be K's job if we get enough!

I've just spent hours catching up with the ironing, each time I let it build up I swear to myself that I'll do a bit each day - never happens and then I have to spend so much time catching up with it, its a boring thankless task. I know some people don't iron anything but I can't do that, the obsessive side of me likes to see us wearing flattened clothes! I can never get clothes to dry flat even if I shake the life out of them! Still at least it keeps me warm in the winter.

C is having her second day off school and will be off tomorrow too, she has a chesty, hacking cough and is prone to Seasonal Asthma so it means that when she gets a cough or cold we have to keep her off for a day or two if it looks like a nasty one so that is doesn't develop into an infection that will bring on the Asthma. I tried to get her into the Docs today but her Doctor was off so I'll be phoning at 8 tomorrow to get her in and a new inhaler prescribed - hopefully.

D had his 9th birthday party on Tuesday night, his birthday was in November!! We couldn't afford a party then so he's patiently waited till now. I took him and 7 friends to MacD's and then to Quasar [Laser gun thingy place] They all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had a great time. He's already planning his next and final party lol.

H x

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