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Friday, 10 February 2012

Photos, doctors and sledging

I decided that my blog needed photos, my children need to see the things that happen in their lives as well as read about them so I got out my camera put batteries in it, they weren't "strong" enough for the camera, put in rechargeable ones, they aren't holding the charge anymore, went out and bought stronger ones - still no good!! OK, not a problem as I have the camera on my phone, turned it on . . .  phone camera isn't working and its beyond repair!! Jinxed.  New rechargeable ones ordered and hopefully they will be here quickly. I can't even Ebay the "stuff" that's building up waiting until I have a working camera, very frustrating.

Took C to the Docs today, she has a chest infection, so medicine prescribed along with back up inhalers, good job its half term week now.

Even though C has a hacking cough I decided to take her, D and his best friend M to Willen Peace Pagoda where there are some small hillocks - great for sledging and as the snow is going fast I thought it had better be today as its likely to have gone by tomorrow. They had great fun sledging and snowballing and were soaked after an hour, back home we trundled to have Hot Chocolate with mallows, squirty cream and flake, described by M as awesome, how lovely as its not often I get it right!

Weekend starts tomorrow and K is off for both days, a walk is planned and a visit to B&Q - reduced compost - allotmenteering on the cheap!

H x

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