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Friday, 17 February 2012

Half Term

I'm not very good at half term in Feb, its always a testing time as we have no money in Feb and the weather is always rubbish but this time I decided things would be different! This is how we've spent our time this week;
Monday - I made cupcakes and C and D decorated them and then K and I took them shopping, they have saved pocket money and were allowed to take a bit [£5] with them, C bought a bag of bits from Claire's and D bought dart bullets for his Nerf Gun
Tuesday - we went to Bedford shopping again, this time C bought some bits from Primark and D bought a movie for his PSP, all self financed from savings
Wednesday - we went for a walk with Nana at Stockgrove Country Park and had ice creams after. In the evening I treated them to a Movie Night, we went to the DVD hire shop and got Journey to the centre of the Earth, Popcorn and a MacD's got home settled down and watched the film and stuffed our faces.
Thursday - Dentist in the morning and then D went for a sleepover at Nana's and C had a friend round for the evening
Friday - Swimming in the morning and then C went for a sleepover at her other Nana's
Saturday - C and D go to their Dads for the day
Sunday - day of doing not a lot, getting ready for school

C told K that this was an amazing week!!
D told me he'd had an awesome week!!

Roll on Easter hols - we'll be doing more as the weather will be better and we'll get out more, I think I've finally learnt how to do school hols - taken me long enough though

My rechargeable batteries for the camera came today so there will be no stopping me now I hope.

Tomorrow I have to figure out how to put a DVD onto D's PSP, hopefully I'll manage it, I transferred photos and music onto it tonight, I was quite pleased with myself for doing it as I had no idea how to, realised its just like downloading a book onto my Kindle, no wifi hotspots here so it all has to be done manually.

Tomorrow my plans are to do not alot!

Hope you all have a lovely relaxing weekend
H x

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