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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Monthly catch up

Its that time - time to catch up on our lives. K went back to work after having 2 days off with Kidney Stone problems, the day after he went back he was at work helping a resident with their Personal Care when he hurt his back. I had to collect him from work, he was bent over and in a lot of pain, he then had to have 2 weeks off work. Its taken its toll on him, he's had to go back sooner than he needed to as all this time off is unpaid!!! So at the end of Feb he will get a pay packet that will not cover the bills and food, I've started to compensate for this, I've applied for a Bus Pass for C [she's excited about catching a bus to school] D has been told that he will be walking to school every morning, I've phoned the Rent Dept and told them we can't pay next months Rent and have agreed a payment plan to catch up after, some people wouldn't agree with this but its our single biggest expense, its the easiest payment to stop and to then pay off monthly with no charges for this [the Council are good about this is you talk to them before you have problems]
T is showing his age more and more, his walks are getting shorter and shorter, they tire him out if he goes too far.

The exercise plan isn't working at the moment but it will!!

If anyone reads this [hehe] and can get a message to "my beautiful life" blogger - I'd appreciate being added to her reader list if possible, I love her blog but its been made private [I think that's what it is] and I can't access it, its one of the blogs I read nearly everyday :[[  Maybe I need to start leaving comments on blogs on a regular basis so that the authors know I read them but it feels like I'm butting in on a private conversation if I do and I feel very awkward about commenting, no idea why but there, that's me!

The weather has been horrid - snow, wind and rain with a little bit of sunshine every so often.

Being frugal with everything continues, as it must, although I would love to win the Lotto [shame we can't afford to buy tickets fro it lol]


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