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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013 Bring it on

Firstly - Happy New Year from me to you

The time has come for K and I to look forward to what challenges we can set and to look back at what we've achieved. We've managed to come through a year that saw the finishing month with K and L falling out - hopefully that will be resolved, other than that its been a good year, K has managed to paint quite a bit and I have gone someway to learning to Crochet - well I can do the chain stitches lol.

We have decided that this year will see us spending alot more time at the Lottie as our new plot is so much bigger than the last one and for me personally fitness is an issue so I'm looking at how to do that on a zero budget. Ebaying as also the years challenge - maybe I should set myself a ££ target - one to think about.

I hope that the new year will see you fit, happy and enjoying the things that make you happy

Helen x

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