Allotment Diary

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Desk transformation


The rest of the desk top is far worse!!


I "borrowed" the idea from  The lovely Scarlet is mega fantastic at upcycling on a budget of next to nothing and sometimes less than nothing and I'm a massive admirer of what she does, so much so that when I saw her transformation of a little coffee table I knew that it was exactly what I wanted to do to C's desk, this desk has been in and out of the garage and was showing its age, it had glue and pen on it and is made of cheap chipboard stuff, far too good to throw away and far too horrid to stay as it was, so, I transformed it. Nowhere near as good as Scarlet can do but as its the first time I've done something like this I'm kinda pleased with myself :]]

Pop over to the blog and become immersed in all the loveliness



  1. It's fabulous! I was looking back through some posts yesterday and re-read your comment about doing the desk. I'm so pleased you blogged about it - you have done a great job. Thankyou so much for mentioning and linking back to me - not everyone does, despite using my designs :(

  2. Thanks Scarlet, Its still needing a bit more glue on some corners but I'll wait till tomorrow when its fully dried to finish it off, people are very rude when they don't give the credit where due or link back, {had to delete some of my own comments then lol] I've now started to look at furniture bits and bobs and think "now what would Scarlet do with that" Oh I wished I lived nearer to you, I'd be forever knocking on your door asking for advice hehe x

  3. I'm just calling in on all my followers. Great job with the desk. Your previous post reminded me of moving a neighbour's greenhouse frame. It wasn't down the road but it was over the top of a garage. It was hilarious - a sight not seen everyday.
    Love from Mum