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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Half Term Hols, Xmas shopping, Schools

We've just finished Half Term Holidays

went swimming,
went to Coventry shopping [primarily at Primark]
baked the most disgusting biscuits!
went to the pictures to see Pirates! On an adventure with Scientists
made a shopping bag
C did an overnight with Nana
K went Fishing
D had a friend around

I made sure that each day apart from yesterday that we had an activity to do even if it was something small like making biscuits

Everyone enjoyed themselves and thats the best bit for me.

Now to the serious business of organising the Xmas presents for C,D and K and ordering them after scouring the internet for the cheapest prices, discount etc - I spend alot of time on this, I've already got D and C's main presents, C is finished as I've bought her smaller bits except for her Xmas Eve Hamper. I need to get D some birthday pressies and some smaller pressies for Xmas and I've got nothing yet for K so that needs doing. K is on a sleep in at work tonight so once the kiddies are in bed I'll start the tinternt exploring and finish it tomorrow so that Xmas and birthday will be done. Oh, just remembered I need to sort something out for Mum!!!!!!

I've sent the paperwork in to the Council to swap schools for C and D, we went to Matalands on Sunday to buy C some clothes to wear to her new school - they have no proper uniform, more of a dress code, she had a meltdown in the shop and refused to come out cue much under breath swearing from me until I finally managed to get her in the car and no I did not resort to becoming as childish as she was no matter how much I wanted to stamp my feet in temper! All calm was restored after an hour or so. 5 pairs of trousers were bought so its just t-shirts to be got - we need plain ones with no logo's - how hard can that be - read that as inpossible!!!

Helen x

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