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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Irchester Country Park, Quilting

Where has the time gone, its been about 10 days since my last post. We haven't been away, just busy with life. Yesterday we went to Irchester Country Park, I've no photos as I forgot my camera - Doh!! We spent nearly 6 hours there, myself, C, D, Ant, M and D. Bike rides were done by the kids, Ant's D came off a cropper and got a really nasty cut to his hand, he tumbled over and over, very James Bond style, he was very brave and cried a tiny bit, I'd of screamed the place down lol. Picnic lunch was eaten and then they all went and played for hours whilst Ant and I put the world to rights - lovely, lovely day. Boy, are the children tired today, they are very quiet and C has even managed a cat nap on the sofa - unheard of for her lol. We have been busy doing other normal things but at a slow steady pace, just how the hols should be.

Uniform bits still have to be purchased, especially trousers for C, no idea where to get them from, she's a funny size!!

K is still loving his new job and is even considering joining their Pension Scheme so it looks like he'll be there a while.

I have been busy buying material to make a homemade quilt, it will be for the Living Room or our bedroom - depends on how it turns out. I've never done anything like it but after reading the fab posts by Frugal Queen on how she's done her quilts, she's inspired me to give it a go, I'm no good at scrounging material etc and I'm not very good at colour matching so I've bought most of the material and I've stuck to particular colours. I'm still cutting the squares out so still a way to go.

Plans for today - gardening at a neighbours with C, D is going to M's to play for the afternoon. Easy day

Helen x

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